Andersen Alumni are on the Move

+ Follow us on our LinkedIn Company Page for the latest information on fellow alumni on the move. Below is a list of Alumni that made recent career moves. If you have recently changed jobs and would like to share your good news with other Alumni, please email details to Please wish these Alumni best in their new ventures.

Jeremy Smeltser

Stephen Engle

George Oliva

Grant Edwards

Bryan H. Jones

John McCade

John Rogers

Bradley Preber

Bill Koefoed

Herman L. Moncrief

Skip Behm

Michele Rusnak

Kathy Willard

Reid Sullivan

Mike Burnett

Eric Hart

Pete Pearson

Mark Lewis

Peter Pizzo

Doug Allen

Aaron Ackerman

Abed Abdo

Jana Kiena

Donald Kish

Aarif Nakhooda

Stephane Biguet

Kara Jenny